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King Shepherd

The King Shepherd is an ARBA-recognized breed that closely resembles the German Shepherd Dog. Several different breeds contributed to the King Shepherd, and although not everyone agrees, it’s generally believed that the American lines of German Shepherd Dogs were crossed with Malamutes and/or a flock guardian breed (e.g., the Great Pyrenees). The resulting dogs were then bred back to German Shepherd Dogs from European lines. The King Shepherd is long, robust and muscular with a solid structure. This working dog is strong, vigorous, agile and intelligent. Gentle and loving with family, friends, children and other animals, Kings are courageous protectors of the home, making natural companions, guard dogs and sheep herders. Natural exuberance must be tempered by obedience training.

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Breed Details

Country of Origin:
Large Dog Breed
Sable; bi-colored (black with red, tan or cream); black saddle with red, tan, gold, cream or silver markings; solid black and solid white.

Two coat types: coarsehaired and longhaired

AKC Group:
UKC Group:
at least 25 inches at the shoulder
at least 80-100 pounds
Use Today
Herding, companion