Knight Goby

The knight goby is not brightly colored, but it is very attractive and interesting. Staying pretty much to the bottom of a tank, the knight goby is basically a grayish/green fish, with small spots on both sides of the body, continuing onto the unpaired fins, which also are fringed in white in mature fish. The dorsal fin rays are extended, longer in males than females, and there is an adipose fin (second dorsal fin).

There is some difference of opinion as to the amount of salt that the knight goby does best it. Even though they often come from brackish waters, they can also be acclimated to straight fresh water. Best thing is to find out the water parameters that the local fish store you purchase them from has been keeping them in. All knight gobies come from the wild, and there is no commercial production of this fish.

Knight gobies are easy to maintain, and will adapt to a wide range of pH and hardness. They are primarily bottom dwelling fish, and should be provided with plenty of caves and dense plantings where they can hide. Usually very good in a community tank with other fish the same size, they are not above gobbling up any small fish that they can easily take.

These fish will adapt to any standard aquarium fare in terms of a good prepared flake or pellet, but much prefer meaty items such as frozen mysis shrimp or bloodworms. Of course they will always be appreciative of any live foods in the way of worms or small shrimps. Knight gobies have not been reported breeding in any numbers, but it is always possible that they may set up house. .

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Country of Origin:
Central Asia from India across to Singapore and Indonesia
around 3” -- 4”
moderately hard to hard