Kuhli Loach

Although it will live for several years in an aquarium where it is the only fish of its kind, the kuhli loach will seldom come out in the open under these conditions. If this fish is kept in small groups (three to six individuals), it will swim out in the open in and around piles of rocks and driftwood, looking for food, playing tag with its friends and generally performing its comical antics. It is an ideal community tank fish.

Because it comes from the sandy beds of mountain streams, or slow-flowing rivers, this fish should be housed in aquariums with a fine sand substrate. The kuhli loach prefers plenty of dense vegetation, such as Cryptocorynespecies, as well as hiding places in the form of driftwood, overturned flowerpots, roots and rocks. Floating plants can be used to provide the subdued lighting that this fish prefers.

The kuhli loach feeds at night and will accept a wide variety of prepared flakes, freeze-dried foods and any small live foods that settle to the bottom. Supplement its diet with occasional servings of small worms, such as grindal worms, white worms or Tubifex worms.

This fish is not commonly spawned in the home aquarium. However, when a pair does spawn, it is usually near the surface of the water and is evidenced with the male wrapping himself around the female. Many greenish eggs are released and they may sink, or float to the surface. If the parents are not removed, they will eat the eggs.

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Country of Origin:
Southeast Asia
4 inches
70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit
Not particular