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Lagotto Romagnolo

Truffles, Anyone? The charming, curly coated Lagotto is an old breed of water retriever from the lowlands of Comacchio and the marshlands of Ravenna, Italy. Eventually, the marshlands were drained and turned into farmland, leaving the Lagotto without a job. But not for long! The water dog soon found new employment as a truffle hunter in the Romagna region, thanks to its keen nose and innate gift for searching. The breed is powerfully built and needs plenty of outdoor exercise to burn off energy. The Lagotto’s wooly textured coat is comprised of thick, ring-shaped curls all over the body. The curls on the head form distinctive eyebrows, whiskers and beard. Both the outer coat and undercoat are waterproof. Left untrimmed, the curls will mat and felt. Regular grooming with brush and comb is recommended, along with a complete yearly clipping. The breed is affectionate, easily trained, a good watchdog and forms a close attachment to his owner.

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Breed Details

Country of Origin:
Medium Dog Breed
Off white solid color, white with brown or orange patches, brown road, solid brown of varying shades or solid orange; a brown face mask is acceptable.

Wooly in texture, forming tight curls that must be evenly distributed all over the body, except on the head where the curls are loose and form eyebrows, whiskers and a beard. There is a waterproof undercoat.


Brush regularly. Clip yearly.

Life Expectancy:
10 to 12 years
AKC Group:
17 to 18 inches at the withers
24 to 35 pounds