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Manchester Terrier

Manchester, England, is a working man’s town, and this breed was developed as a working man’s terrier, pitted against rabbits and other vermin on the farm and against rats in the fights. The Manchester almost bit the dust itself when blood sports and ear cropping were banned, but a Manchester breeder by the name of Handly stepped in and took up the breed’s cause. Today, the Manchester is a powerful, active, smooth-coated terrier that comes in two sizes. Weight for the standard variety ranges from 12 to 22 pounds. The head is lean and clean, and ears may be cropped to a sharp point and carried erect or natural, folding slightly above skull level. The Toy variety may not exceed 12 pounds, nor have cropped ears. The coat for both is black with rich mahogany tan markings in specified areas on head, limbs, throat and under the tail. Weekly grooming keeps it glossy. A couple of short daily walks or playtimes will keep the Manchester in fighting trim. Both sizes make good watchdogs and easily cared for family pets in almost any home.

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Breed Details

Country of Origin:
Small Dog Breed
Black short-coat with distinctive mahogany markings.

Smooth, short, dense, tight, and glossy.


Occasional grooming.

Life Expectancy:
15 to 16 years
AKC Group:
Terrier Group
UKC Group:
Longer than tall
12 to 22 pounds
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