Marine Comet

The marine comet (also known as the “marine betta”) is an absolutely stunning fish and makes a wonderful addition to any marine tank where the fish are not too aggressive. When the fish completely spreads its fins, it appears to be many times its actual size. At the rear base of the dorsal fin there is a false “eyespot,” called an ocellus. The combined effect of spreading the fins and the eyespot make it difficult for a predator to know which end is the front, because the eyespot looks much more like an eye than the actual eye does.

The marine comet does best with nonaggressive tankmates, and without any conspecific tankmates (fish of the same species). When it comes to invertebrates, this fish is not reef-safe, as it will scarf down any shrimp or crab that it can. When initially introduced into a tank, the marine comet tends to hide a lot, and it may be difficult getting it to feed. Start off by dangling pieces of fish or shrimp on a clear rod in front of the fish. Failing this, you may need to start it off by feeding live fish or live brine shrimp. Be sure that the marine comet gets enough food or it can easily just waste away. Provide the fish with plenty of hiding places, as the more places it has to hide the more secure it will feel and the more time it will spend in the open.

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Country of Origin:
Indian and Pacific Oceans
7 inches
Plesiopidae (Roundheads)
74 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit