Naso Tang

The naso tang goes by a number of different common names, often called the “lipstick” tang for the fact that the lips of the fish look like they were painted in place. However, it is universally called “Naso”, which is its genus.

The naso tang usually does best if it is the only type of tang in a tank. However, really big tanks over 200 gallons may be able to support other tangs in addition to the naso.

This fish is constantly moving through the aquarium at great speed and making sharp turns. It requires excellent water quality, with plenty of water movement and lots of open space. The naso tang is basically reef-safe when it comes to invertebrates, and it will constantly graze on macroalgae throughout the tank.

The naso tang should be fed various types of algae and other vegetable foods. It is a good idea to have a clip on the side of the tank containing brown algae; it will also graze on nori or blanched romaine lettuce. It requires the brown algae in its diet, and there are now prepared foods available from your local fish store that are high in this type of algae.

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Country of Origin:
Pacific Ocean Japan to Hawaii (the Indian Ocean fish are now recognized as a separate species, N. elegans
16 inches in the wild, aquarium specimens up to 10 inches
74 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit