Niam Niam Parrot


Not much is known about the Niam Niam parrot; a captive breeding of the species was recorded in 1981 in Mozambique. Information on how this species would be as a pet is not available at this time. Its availability and sustainability as a pet has been compared to that of the yellow-faced parrot.

Behavior / Health Concerns

According to a report that describes four Niam Niam parrots that were obtained in 1967, the birds were very nervous and banana leaves were placed around the sides of the aviary for privacy. Because more research on this species needs to be conducted and reported, further information on the Niam Niam parrot’s behavior and health is not available at this time.

Expert Advice

There is currently no expert information available at this time.

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Native Region:
Central America
9.75 inches
Life Expectancy:
Not known
Noise Level:
In the wild, calls are very sharp and can be high-pitched when the parrot is alarmed.
Talk / Trick Ability:
Not known