Painted Conure


The painted conure is quieter than many other conure species, and when properly socialized, this species makes a wonderful pet. They are very intelligent and can learn tricks of varying complexity. While they generally love to be social and enjoy being handled, they may go through a nippy stage that requires proper training and handling.

Behavior / Health Concerns

Painted conures need safe items to chew, so provide plenty of bird-safe toys and materials for them to chew. They are active and need to stay busy both physically and mentally; a large cage with plenty of toys is important, and a lot of social interaction is important to prevent feather plucking in this species. Painted conures tend to be noisy when alarmed or excited.

Expert Advice

“A very quiet and gentle conure, with all the endearing qualities of green cheeks and black caps without the beakiness and dominance [issues].”

Danielle Kuhn, Feathered Eden Aviary

Breed Details

Native Region:
Northern South America
8.5 to 9.6 inches
Life Expectancy:
20 to 25 years
Noise Level:
Talk / Trick Ability:
Very good