Peterbald Resource


Since it first originated in Russia in January 1994, the Peterbald has charmed cat lovers with its elegance and intelligence. The result of a cross between an Oriental Shorthair and Don Hairless, the Peterbald can come in a rainbow of colors and several different coat lengths—from naked to fully furred—on a lean, elongated, graceful body. The Peterbald displays active, energetic traits and enjoys observing its owner’s activities.

Breed Details

Thanks to its Oriental Shorthair cousins, the Peterbald comes in all colors recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA).

A Peterbald’s coat can range from totally hairless to fully furred. Categories include ultra-bald (completely hairless), flock or chamois (short, fine down), velour or velvet (short, thick and soft), brush (long or short curly hairs, ranging in texture) and straight (short and smooth hairs).

Best Home:

Because of its highly social nature, the Peterbald does best in a household where it will not be left alone for long periods. Companions can include humans, cats and other types of pets.

National Breed Club:

TICA Peterbald Cat Club,


The Peterbald approaches life with zest, investigating everything and loving with their whole hearts. The breed entertains with graceful athletic ability and expects to be included in every aspect of its owner’s life.


The Peterbald’s long, slender frame belies the breed’s well-muscled body. The cat’s large ears often draw attention, but the breed’s many coat possibilities captivate enthusiasts.