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Good sense and a dignified, even temperament mark the Pointer as a loyal, devoted companion. A most efficient Sporting breed, the Pointer is named for the work at which it excels, pointing feathered game. Although the breed descends from European hunting dogs, the Pointer’s chief country of development was Britain. Because the European dogs were too slow afield for British tastes, various crosses to other breeds were used to improve speed as well as scenting power, stamina, nerve and concentration. Some of those suggested are the Setter, the Greyhound and the Foxhound. Then, as now, it was a hard-driving hunting dog and always a top contender in field trials. Clean limbed, balanced and muscular, males average 25 to 28 inches at the shoulder and weigh 55 to 75 pounds; females are slightly smaller. The coat is short, dense and smooth in colors of liver, lemon, black or orange, usually in combination with white, but they may be solid. A good rubdown keeps the coat shining. The Pointer makes a fine family companion, best suited to the country where it has lots of safe running space.

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Breed Details

Country of Origin:
Medium Dog Breed
Liver, lemon, black or orange, solid or with white.

Short and dense.


Brush as needed.

Life Expectancy:
12 to 15 years
AKC Group:
Sporting Group
UKC Group:
Not Recognized
23 to 28 inches at the shoulder
44 to 75 pounds
Use Today
Pointing field trials, companion