Port Lincoln Parakeet


Port Lincoln parakeets are the most popularly known Australian parakeets both in the wild and in aviaries.

Behavior / Health Concerns

In the wild, Port Lincoln parakeets feed on the pulp of green eucalypt capsules. Provide a diet of fruits, eggfood, multi-grain bread and other fresh vegetables, especially fresh greens. When flying in the wild, Port Lincoln parakeets glide for long periods then change to rapid wing flaps. Adult males are dark green with a washed-out black color across their head, nape and upper cheeks. The males’ throat and breast are dark green, contrasting the abdomen, which is yellow. Females are duller in color than the males and where the male is black, the female is colored a brownish-black.

Expert Advice

“Port Lincoln parakeets need to have a large flight. Put them together as chicks for compatibility. Try to put together as pure as possible pairs [because] there are few out there now. Remember the Port Lincoln has no red on their brow and are all yellow on there lower chest.”

Melinda Schmitz, owner of Anza’s Australian Beauties aviaries

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Native Region:
15 1/2 inches
Life Expectancy:
10 years
Noise Level: