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Its frowny face and Dutch nickname of mopshond, meaning “to grumble,” belie the Pug’s playful, loving disposition. Known in Britain since the time of William of Orange (1689-1704), who brought several of these dogs with him when he ascended to the British throne, the Pug was first thought to have originated in Holland. More recent theory claims that the Pug is an Oriental breed and is probably a smooth-coated, long-legged version of the Pekingese. Two explanations for the breed name prevail. One is that it derives from pugnus, the Latin word for “fist.” The other explanation is that it was taken from the Old English word pugg, which was a term of endearment. The breed reached its peak of popularity during the reign of Queen Victoria, as evidenced by the many pottery likenesses of Pugs that were created during that time. This is a compact breed, weighing from 14 to 18 pounds. The fine, short, smooth coat may be solid black or silver, or apricot-fawn with clearly defined dark markings. With deep wrinkling on the forehead and large, lustrous, dark eyes, the Pug has an almost human expression. Gentle weekly brushing keeps the coat in shining condition; eyes and head wrinkles should be checked and cleaned as needed. The Pug gets by with a minimum amount of exercise, but watch its diet because this breed tends to gain weight easily. Pugs cannot withstand hot temperatures, but do well as a pet in town or country, as long as you don’t mind its snoring and snorting. These sturdy little dogs have a special affinity for children.

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Breed Details

Country of Origin:
Small Dog Breed
Fawn or black.

Fine, smooth, soft, short, and glossy.


Monthly grooming. Brush daily to reduce shedding.

Life Expectancy:
12 to 14 years
AKC Group:
Toy Group
UKC Group:
No height standards
14 to 18 pounds.
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