RagaMuffin Resource


With its teddy-bear looks and sweet personality, the RagaMuffin is a wonderful family pet or an ideal companion for a single person. The breed was developed in California in the 1990s.

Breed Details

RagaMuffins come in every color and pattern, including solid, tabbies and traditional bi-colors.

The RagaMuffin’s medium-long fur is thick and very silky.

Best Home:

The RagaMuffin is a wonderful family pet, as they are great with children, and also makes a great companion for those who live alone.

National Breed Club:

RagaMuffin Associated Group; http://www.ragamuffingroup.com/


The people-loving breed has an easy-going personality that allows them to adapt to almost any environment or situation, as long as they have their humans’ interest and attention. They have even been known to learn tricks, such as fetching.


RagaMuffins are large cats, heavy-boned and muscular, with thick, plush coats and large expressive eyes.