Red-Rumped Parakeet


The red-rumped parakeet is the most suitable pet bird within this genus of grass parakeets. Red-rumped parakeets are animated and active.

Behavior / Health Concerns

A red-rumped parakeet’s diet is similar to a hookbill’s. The red-rumped parakeet enjoys fruits, such as apple and pear. They also enjoy vegetables like carrots, corn and peas along with dark green leafy foods, such as spinach and kale. Red-rumped parakeets and other small hookbills enjoy an occasional feeding of whole-grain snacks that are low in salt, sugar or oils. Try plain rice cakes, toasted oat and puffed grain cereal. This species of pet bird is sexually dimorphic; however, mutations have developed with these birds in captivity. Male red-rumped parakeets are iridescent green with a yellow breast and a red rump at the end of their dark blue-green tail feathers. Females are a dull olive-green color which sets them apart from the males. Mutations include cinnamon, lutino, pied, opaline, blue, silver and albino as well as mutations combining of these colors.

Expert Advice

“Red-rumped parakeets are great breeders, but very aggressive towards other birds. I have had hens with red on there rumps, especially within the mutations.”

Melinda Schmitz, owner of Anza’s Australian Beauties aviaries

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Native Region:
9 to 11 inches
Life Expectancy:
10 years
Noise Level: