Red-tailed Chalceus

The red tailed chalceus (also sometimes called the pink tailed chalceus) is a very beautiful, fast-moving fish that is often imported from South America. Actually, it should more appropriately be called the red tailed and dorsal finned chalceus, as the dorsal fin is also a bright red; there is also some red on the other unpaired fins. It is an ideal addition for a large (125 gallons or larger) tank that also houses some other large fish. Since the red tailed chalceus is constantly on the move, it should not be housed in anything but a large (preferably long) aquarium with other somewhat boisterous fish.

Live plants are pretty much out of the question in a red tailed chalceus tank, as they will tear them up as they make their constant back and forth in the tank. In fact, the best set up for a red tailed chalceus is an aquarium totally devoid of any decorations, as what this fish needs more than anything else is just plain open swimming space. If you are looking for a companion for, say an oscar, or a large tin foil barb(s), or any other fish that is in the roughly 10” size range, red tailed chalceus would make an ideal addition.

Feeding a red tailed chalceus is no problem at all, as they will eat absolutely anything. They are in general very eager eaters, and you need to be sure that the other fish in the tank are getting their fair share. Red tailed chalceus have not been bred on a regular basis, although there are some reports of some “volunteer” babies showing up in a really large tank. .

Breed Details

Country of Origin:
Rio Negro and Orinoco River basis in South America
74 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit