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Nicknamed the Diehard, the Scottie has a fiery, “tails up” attitude that makes it an alert, determined friend. A working terrier of Scotland’s highlands, this breed was once a member of a variety of terrier types collectively called the Scotch Terriers. After the introduction of dog shows in Britain in 1859, attempts were made to differentiate among the various types, and by 1881 the forerunner of the present-day Scottie was given the name Hard-haired Scotch Terrier. Two years later it became, and has remained, the Scottish Terrier. This is a sturdy, low-set terrier standing about 10 inches at the shoulder and weighing from 18 to 22 pounds. The outer coat is hard and wiry, with a dense, softer undercoat. Colors are gray, brindle, black or wheaten. Considerable grooming is needed to keep the Scottie looking trim. Pet coats may be clipped but, if this is done, the hard coat texture softens. The Scottie can be scrappy with other dogs, but as a house pet it is loyal, loving, playful and a good watchdog. It is suited to almost any accommodations, enjoys the outdoors and should have at least one brisk walk daily. The Scottie is most tolerant of older children who won’t tease it.

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Breed Details

Country of Origin:
Small Dog
Black, wheaten or brindle

Hard, wiry outercoat. Soft, dense undercoat


Brush three times weekly. Trim every 2 to 4 months

Life Expectancy:
12 to 14 years
AKC Group:
Terrier Group
UKC Group:
10 inches at shoulder
18 to 22 pounds
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