Siamese Resource


Named for Siam, this popular breed is intelligent and has a striking personality, suggestive of an inscrutable inner life. The breeding tradition began generations ago, but the Siamese of today still have the graceful elegance suggested in the earliest breed standards. The four accepted coat colors are seal point, chocolate point, blue point and lilac point. The sensitive Siamese is in your lap, on your newspaper, in your bed and completely in your heart.

Breed Details

Body color ranges from glacial white to pale fawn. Seal, blue, chocolate and lilac are the four point colors accepted by purists. Red, cream, tortie and lynx (tabby) points are created by outcrossing to other breeds; some associations classify these cats as the Colorpoint breed.

Many enjoy a good brushing but basically maintain themselves. Frequent petting keeps loose hair to a minimum.

Best Home:

Anything, as long as it involves lots of contact with people.

National Breed Club:

Siamese Internet Cat Club;


Intelligent, highly social, and demand to be part of your daily activities. Very vocal. Enjoy interaction with adults, children and dogs. Although busy and clownish, they enjoy a good cuddle.


Long, tubular body with long, fine-boned legs and a long, whippy tail. Wedge-shaped head with large, flared ears. "Traditional" variety has more-robust body and rounder "apple" head with smaller ears. Coat is short and close-lying; "traditional" cats generally have thicker coats. Sapphire-blue eyes set at a slant.