Siberian Resource


Living with a cat is quite pleasurable, but living with a Siberian cat is a rewarding, life-changing experience. A confident, problem-solving house clown, the Siberian can be your best friend. This breed is medium-large, with the overall appearance of great physical condition, strength and alertness, modified by endearing facial expressions. The Siberian is a natural breed and comes in all colors, from colorpoints to brown mackerel tabby. If you share your home with a Siberian, you will never be alone

Breed Details

All colors; some associations do not accept the pointed pattern for championship.

Unless showing, weekly grooming is sufficient except during shedding in spring or fall when more attention may be required. Matting most often occurs under the arms.

Best Home:

The home must have people who like to interact with their cats. Will adapt to almost any attentive lifestyle. Good with other pets.

National Breed Club:

TAIGA Siberian Cat Breed Club;


Warm, friendly, fearless cat that enjoys the company of a wide range of pets, but seeks out human interaction. Affectionate and clever, gentle and calm in nature. Generally quiet but will talk in distinctive chirps.


A medium-large to large cat, with semi-long to long hair, depending on the season. Body is muscular, heavy-boned and of great strength. Head is a modified, rounded wedge with rounded ears and well-proportioned rounded eyes, giving an overall intelligent and sweet expression.