Swainson’s Lorikeet


Swainson’s lorikeets are intelligent, active pet birds. They are strikingly beautiful and can engage in quite clownish behavior. Swainson’s lorikeets truly enjoys pet bird toys of all types and plenty should be provided for mental stimulation and exercise.

Behavior / Health Concerns

Swainson’s lorikeets are active pet birds, so they need as large a cage as possible with plenty of pet bird toys to keep them occupied. Part of their diet should consist of a good-quality nectar. Part of their diet should consist of good-quality nectar. Swainson’s lorikeets have a tendency to squirt waste matter and because their diets contain nectar, the fairly liquidy waste can make the surrounding areas a challenge to keep clean. Placing plastic sheets on nearby walls and flooring will help with waste management.

Expert Advice

“Swainson’s lorikeets are very playful, high energy birds that can learn to talk and play catch with a wiffle ball. They love dragging the ball around with their foot, rolling around with it and pelting it into the air. They can do this for hours.”

Linda Blessing, www.loryfood.com

Breed Details

Native Region:
Torres Strait, Eastern and South Australia
9.8 to 11.8 inches
Life Expectancy:
28=lus years
Noise Level:
Moderately Noisy
Talk / Trick Ability: