Swedish Vallhund Resource

Swedish Vallhund

This small, hardy spitz breed may date to the Vikings and be a precursor to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Intelligent, energetic and trainable, it’s a fine cattle herder and watchdog with a sound, sweet temperament. Swedish Vallhunds are happy family dogs and companions, active enough to keep up with the most lively child or active adult. They weigh 20 to 35 pounds and stand 12 to 15 inches at the shoulder. Length is in proportion to height, on a 3 to 2 scale. A good combing every few days is all the grooming needed, but their woolly undercoat sheds once or twice each year. Vals need daily exercise, and obedience training is highly recommended. They like activity: agility, herding, obedience and conformation showing. Popular in England, the breed is rare in the U.S., but the number is growing. As long as it gets plenty of exercise, this dog fits happily into any size home.

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Breed Details

Country of Origin:
Medium Dog Breed
Shades of gray through red

Harsh medium length hair


Brush weekly.

Life Expectancy:
10 to 12 years
AKC Group:
Herding Group
UKC Group:
12 to 15 inches.
20 to 35 pounds.
Use Today
Family dog, companion, working