Thai Resource


When cat lovers first see the Thai, they often recall the Siamese cats they lived with as children. Often referred to as the “old-style” Siamese, the Thai features the beautiful pointed coat and distinctive blue eyes on a moderate, rounded body. A native of Thailand, the Thai forms close bonds with its owner and enjoys “talking” in its distinctive voice.

Breed Details

The Thai can come in any point color, including solids, tabbies, torties or torbies.

A shorthaired breed, the Thai features a short, flat coat that feels silky to the touch.

Best Home:

The Thai bonds closely with its people. This smart, social breed loves company and should have a companion if the owners must be away from home frequently.

National Breed Club:

Prestwick-Beresford Old-Style Siamese Breed Preservation Society (PREOSSIA),


A talkative breed, the Thai welcomes the opportunity to “tell” its owners about its day. Clever and active, the breed loves to interact with people, whether playing a game of fetch with a visitor or snuggling in an owner’s lap.


A key word to describe the Thai is “moderate.” Medium boning in the tail, legs, head and body produce a moderate, substantial cat. The round-cheeked head features a wedge-shaped muzzle and broad-based ears. Bright blue eyes complement the distinctive pointed coat.