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Thai Ridgeback

With the clearly defined ridge running down its back and a long, tapering tail that’s held vertically or curved like a sickle, the Thai Ridgeback stands out from the crowd. The breed has been around for hundreds of years in its native Thailand, where it was used for hunting and guard duty. Bred mainly in the eastern part of Thailand, the breed probably kept its original type for years due to poor transportation systems and the lack of opportunity for crossbreeding. The Thai Ridgeback is a medium-sized, well-muscled dog with a body that is slightly longer than its height at the withers. The breed stands between 22 and 26 inches and has large, triangular ears that are firmly pricked and a long, tapering tail that is held vertically or curved like a sickle. The short, smooth coat comes in solid black, blue, silver and light chestnut red. A good brushing once a week keeps it gleaming. The Thai Ridgeback is a tough, active breed with excellent jumping abilities, so a securely fenced yard is a must.

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Breed Details

Country of Origin:
Large Dog Breed
Solid black, blue, silver and light chestnut red.

Short and smooth.


Weekly brushing keeps it soft and silky.

Life Expectancy:
10 to 12 years
AKC Group:
UKC Group:
Stands between 22 and 26 inches.