Toco Toucan


Toco toucans have a stunning presence and are usually kept as aviary birds. If hand-fed and properly trained, however, they can also make affectionate pets. The toco toucans are not for novice bird owners and need to be housed in the largest amount of space possible. They are active and curious birds who enjoy hopping around and picking up anything that looks interesting, so supervising their out-of-cage-time is a must.

Behavior / Health Concerns

Toco toucans are susceptible to hemochromatosis (iron storage disease), so feed a diet low in iron. Diabetes is another medical concern. In the wild, toco toucans are omnivorous but the majority of their diet includes a variety of fruits. When kept as a pet bird, owners should provide various diced fruits, such as papaya, apples, bananas, avocados, melons, blueberries and grapes as well as low-iron softbill pellets. Toco toucans drink large amounts of water, so always have fresh water available. These toucans also need a lot of room and will do best in a very large cage or in an aviary where they can move around. If a toco toucan is kept inside, the cage should probably be custom-made so that it is large enough and caters to the bird’s active lifestyle. Toucans will get into any mischief they can, so out of the cage playtime should be closely supervised.

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Native Region:
South America
Large, 20 inches (and an 8 inch bill!)
Life Expectancy:
20 years
Noise Level:
Talk / Trick Ability: