Waterslager Canary


The waterslager canary is also known as the Belgian waterslager song canary, waterslager song canary, malinois canary, and water singer. It is a song canary, prized for its beautiful, full song that sounds like bubbling water. It is renowned for having the widest range of all song canaries, and can even produce bell and flute sounds.

The song of the waterslager canary is very distinct, sounding like water and like a nightingale. The water sounds mimic the sound of water flowing, water dripping into a pool or a babbling brook. Waterslager canaries have the lowest and highest range of notes for all song canaries. They are fair sized birds with larger, more cone shaped beaks and a sharper bite than other canaries. When excited, the feathers on the back of the head rise, looking like a bit of a crest.

Breed Details

Native Region:
6.5 inches
Life Expectancy:
Up to 10 years
Noise Level:
Quiet, with a beautiful song
Talk / Trick Ability:
Canaries are kept for their singing ability and antics.