Western Rosella


The western rosella is a sociable pet bird that can enjoy whistling back and forth with its owner. Despite its small size, western rosella parrots can be aggressive with other pet birds and it is best to house them separately from other birds. If you keep western rosella parrots in a bird aviary, only one pair per bird aviary. Western rosella parrots are not known for their talking abilty.

Behavior / Health Concerns

Western rosella parrots are generally hardy parrots, but they need structured interaction with their owners to keep them friendly and hand-tame. Tthose who take the time to interact with western rosellas say that they are impish, playful birds that thrive on socialization. They are very active and require a large amount of space to play and fly.

Expert Advice

“Western rosellas can be great pets. They are great as [also] a member of a colony with other birds in an aviary.”

Eva Rosen, EMR Exotic Bird Breeder

Breed Details

Native Region:
Southwestern Australia
10 inches
Life Expectancy:
Up to 20 years
Noise Level:
Talk / Trick Ability: