White-Bellied Caique


White-bellied caiques are one of the most active pet birds, so they need someone who is willing to interact with them, provide new toys and plenty of wooden perches to chew on. White-bellied caiques like to be the center of attention but do not require constant attention. They can be fun birds to watch as they entertain themselves with playing and wrestling. Because this pet bird likes to play with its toys and hang upside down, provide a cage large enough for it to spread its wings, flap and hang around. White-bellied caiques are fun-loving, spunky birds that attract bird owners because with their active personalities.a

Behavior / Health Concerns

White-bellied caiques are curious, so keep an eye on them. This pet bird can be nippy and prone to screeching if not given enough attention. They are generally a hardy species, but keep the cage floor clean because they like to play and bounce around on the cage floor. They are beaky birds and test things out with their beak, not actually biting but this can surprise or discourage new owners from this pet bird. While they do get along and interact well with other birds, white-bellied caiques can become aggressive toward other pet birds in the house.

Expert Advice

“In my observation of white-bellied caiques I wouls say that they are bolder, more outgoing, and more clown-like,”

Vicki Johnson, owner of Caique, Capers and Mews

“Many caiques develop the odd habit of sleeping on their backs. They appear quite lifeless until they suddenly scramble up to greet you!”

Greg Burkett Diplomate ABVP Avian

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Native Region:
South America
9 inches
Life Expectancy:
30 years
Noise Level:
Talk / Trick Ability:
Fair, can learn tricks and mimic sounds.