White-Eared Conure


Although the white-eared conure is sweet and calm by nature, it can be aggressive toward other birds. They are very playful and need plenty of bird-safe toys and materials to chew. White-eared conures can become nippy like many conure species, but with proper socialization, this trait can be corrected. White-eared conures do not tend to be screamers, but rather mimic speech.

Behavior / Health Concerns

The white-eared conure does best when allowed to be a part of everything that is going on in the household. They thrive on activity and need social interaction with the family to stay content. The white-eared conure is generally hardy. Because they are very active, they need a large cage and plenty of time outside of the cage to exercise and play.

Expert Advice

“White-eared conures are sweet, gentle and will cuddle under your neck. They are very intelligent; mine enjoys talking at night and then getting into his sleeping bag.”

Sharon Knotts, bird owner

Breed Details

Scientific Name:
Native Region:
Eastern Brazil
8.5 inches
Life Expectancy:
30 years
Noise Level:
Quiet; makes calls when alarmed or excited
Talk / Trick Ability: