Zebra Danio

The zebra danio is a active fish that can be housed in groups of three or more with other peaceful community tank residents of similar size. It should be housed in large aquariums that are long, rather than wide or tall. Provide a coarse sand or fine gravel substrate. Plants can be included on the sides and back of the aquarium, leaving plenty of room in the center for swimming. Decorate modestly with a few rocks or driftwood.

It will accept a wide variety of small live foods, such as bloodworms, insect larvae, brine shrimp nauplii and Tubifexworms, as well as freeze-dried, frozen and flake foods. Supplement its diet with parboiled romaine lettuce and foods that contain Spirulina.

The zebra danio normally spawns with just one partner. The female is fuller-bodied and larger than the male and has more subdued coloration. The male’s body usually has a bright-yellow background with fine red lines between wider blue longitudinal lines.

Breeding is most successful in shallow water (4 to 6 inches deep) in a densely planted aquarium (either artificial or live plants are fine). Place the female in the aquarium a day before spawning and add the male the same evening. After a rigorous courtship, the pair will spawn in the early hours of morning and will produce between 400 and 500 eggs. Once spawning is complete, remove the pair. The fry will hatch in two days and will accept small fry foods.

Breed Details

Country of Origin:
Eastern India
2½ inches
65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit