Budgerigar Bird Species

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Budgerigar Bird Species
There’s a reason why budgerigars (“budgies” for short) are one of the most popular pet birds. Not only are they colorful and cute, but a well-socialized budgie will seek out your interaction and perhaps even repeat words and phrases back to you (albeit, in a somewhat garbled voice). Budgies are quite entertaining in the way they play, which many owners describe as “rough.” Simply put, they love to knock things down or drop items from the top of the cage to the floor below.

Budgies can be flighty, so you’ll want to spend plenty of one-on-one time in a small, bird-proofed room, such as the bathroom (keep the toilet lid down to prevent accidental drowning), teaching your budgie to step up onto your finger. Go slow and don’t grab at your budgie, or you’ll risk damaging its trust in you.

Budgies are notoriously fed a seed-only diet; however these birds can have hearty appetites and should be offered plenty of fresh vegetables, budgie-size pellets and healthy table food, as well. A good trick to get your budgie to eat its veggies is to offer them in chunks pushed through its cage bars. These little birds like to gnaw on baby carrots and a whole broccoli floret. .

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