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Caique Bird Species
Caiques are always on the go and are lovingly described by owners as the “ADD” parrot. Native to South America, the enthusiasm a caique puts into everything it does makes it an attractive and comical pet. Always on the go, never stopping for a second, a caique is busy, busy, busy until it falls asleep. And, even then, it is a bit different. Many owners tell stories of finding their caiques asleep in their food bowls.

There are two species of caique: the white-bellied caique and the black-headed caique. Both species need a large cage, plenty of toys and lots of interaction to keep them happy and entertained, because a caique can become easily bored.

Whiile not loud or talkative birds, a caique can let out a loud alarm call, pick up many whistles and tunes, and mimic many household sounds, such as an alarm beep.

Caiques also do what is called “surfing,” where they perch on a hand and rub their bodies all over the person’s palm. They do this along with hopping, somersaults, jumping, dancing and wrestling with another caique or your hand.

“It is lucky that caiques are as cute as they are, for they can present some real behavioral challenges to an inexperienced owner,” said Pamela Clark, IAABC Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant. “Common behavior problems include biting and screaming; however, these can be easily avoided if the owner is serious about teaching the parrot. Caiques are busy parrots who love to learn. They do best when challenged to learn new things. Many owners find teaching tricks through clicker training is a great way to keep them happy and satisfied with life.”

Caiques love to have fun and, while they can provide hours of pleasure, they ned an owner who can match their always on-the-go lifestyles.


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