Canary Bird Species

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Canary Bird Species
The quintessential pet bird, the canary has enjoyed steady popularity for more than a century. Its beautiful song and color and its charming nature have endeared it to many bird enthusiasts. All canaries originate from the same species, but there are three types, or breeds, popular in the United States: color-bred canaries, type canaries and song canaries. “Their behavior is active, jaunty, alert, happy, The health concerns are where do you place their cage, it should NOT be in front of a window, at least 3 feet away with indirect sun light, due to drafts which is the biggest killer of our little friends. Also Teflon, cooking in small quarters with no ventilation using frying pans made with Teflon can be fatal to canaries, for caution there should be enough ventilation.” – David Benites, President of the San Diego County Canary Club and the President of the American Association of Spanish Timbrado Breeders.