Cat Disease Management

Get a handle on symptoms for cat diseases and how to treat them.

Cat Health – Wipe Away Allergies
Follow these cleaning tips to make living with cats easier on allergic family members.

Cat Health – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
The increasing variety of hairball remedies makes it easier to find one your cat will like.

Cat Allergies – Quick Tips: Food Allergies
Does your cat have a food allergy? Look for these signs.

Cat Weight Concerns – Weight Control in a Two-Cat House
Exercise alone won’t help a cat lose weight. The two cats may need to be fed their cat food separately.

Cat Nutrition – Kidney and Bladder Disease Prevention
A cat food diet formulated for senior cats will help an older cat stay healthy.

Cat Nutrition – Kidney Disease, Cat Food Diet and Treatment
Some kidney problems can be traced to an underlying disease.

Cat Nutrition – Bladder Stones and Cat Food
Cat diets formulated to acidify a cat’s urine do not normally promote the growth of bladder stones if fed as directed.

Cat Nutrition – Kitchen Cats: Why a Cat Can’t Be Vegetarian
Can cats survive on a diet lacking animal-source ingredients? Not surprisingly, no.

Senior Cat Nutrition – Kitchen Cats: A Guide to Feeding Your Senior Cat
Nutritional changes can help your aging cat if you see signs of obesity, weight loss or dental problems.

Cat Nutrition – Natural Cat Food Diets
Are natural food products better for cats? Veterinarians share their expert opinions.

Cat Weight Concerns – Quick Tips: Fat and the Single Cat
Special foods can help cats lose weight. Your veterinarian can help you choose the right diet for your cat.

Cat Nutrition – Cat Has Loose Stools
Many cats experience intestinal problems, and there are numerous causes.

Cat Nutrition – Feline Gravy Train
Encourage your cat to eat all of her wet food by mashing up the pieces and adding a bit of water to the gravy.

Cat Nutrition – Quick Tips: Chicken Soup for Cats
Sick cats often will not eat if they can’t smell their food. Tempt your cat to eat by following these tips.

Cat Nutrition – Feeding in Multicat Households
The animals in multicat households may have different dietary requirements. Here’s how to feed all your pets without sabotaging their diets.

Cat Nutrition – Cats Can’t Drink Enough Water!
All cats’ diets need to include fresh water, no matter what they eat.

Cat Lethargy – Is My Cat’s Lethargy an Allergic Reaction?
A once playful kitten looses all energy after a routine vaccination.

Cat Allergies – Gesundheit!
Environmental and medical management may allow some allergic people to still have cats.

Cat Convenience for a Chef
See Chef Wabecks feline-friendly recipes.

Living Naturally with Your Cat
Going organic is one of the latest trends for how we eat. Many pet owners recognize the benefits all-natural diets give them and are applying their nutritional knowledge to their pets. See some options available for your cat.

Suspect that your cat suffers from allergies but not sure where to turn? Try these veterinary resources.

Cat Allergies – New Treatments for Feline Asthma
Recent advances in understanding the disease have helped more cats breathe with greater ease.

Cat Allergies – Gesundheit!
Environmental and medical management may allow some allergic people to still have cats.

Cat Allergies – Stop the Itch!
A single fleabite, fungal disease or food allergy can cause constant scratching.

Cat Allergies – Skin Irritation or Seizures?
Flea allergy may cause chronic itch.

Cat Allergies – Self-Mutilation and Excessive Grooming
Allergies are the most likely cause for extreme grooming behaviors.

Cat Allergies – Is Your Cat Allergic?
You can help stop the itching, licking and biting that drives your cat crazy.

Cat Allergies – Allergy Testing
Does your cat need to see a feline allergy specialist? Allergy testing may help determine proper treatment.

Cat Allergies – Quick Tips: Allergies and Stress
Alternative therapies can help cats with emotionally based skin problems. Learn how to help your “type A” cat cope.

Cat Allergies – Quick Tips: Food Allergies
Does your cat have a food allergy? Look for these signs.

Cat Allergies – Quick Tips: Environment-Specific Allergies
Cats can develop allergies to a number of agents in their environment. Allergy testing can isolate the specific allergen.

Cat Allergies – Quick Tips: Avoiding Allergies
Preventive measures may help your cat avoid allergies and keep it off steroids.

Cat Allergies – Excessive Licking Linked to Allergies?
Lump on a cat’s tongue could be a rodent ulcer, or it could be cancer.

Cat Health Guide – An Annual Exam Can Extend Your Cat’s Life
Your cat’s health needs change with each passing year. Here’s a lifetime guide to veterinary visits.