Dog And Cat Have Been Snuggle Buddies Since The First Day They Met

Molly and Moses are basically inseparable, and their cuteness is off the charts.

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Snuggle Buds 4 Life! Via doihavetosignup/Reddit
Snuggle Buds 4 Life! Via doihavetosignup/Reddit

As is the case with love, when you meet a friend who will be by your side forever, you just know.

Molly the dog and Moses the cat met when Moses was just a tiny kitten. And ever since that very first day, they have been the snuggliest of BFFs.

Via doihavetosignup/Reddit

When it all began. Via doihavetosignup/Reddit

Reddit user doihavetosignup shared an album on Saturday as a follow up to a photo posted about six months ago of Molly and Moses when Moses was just a kitten. The new album showcases the adorable friendship between them, and how they are still inseparable today.

Via doihavetosignup/Reddit

Yawns ARE contagious! Via doihavetosignup/Reddit

In a comment on Reddit, the original poster said that Moses thinks he’s a dog, because Molly and the family’s other dog have acted as his two mothers.

Via doihavetosignup/Reddit

Cue all the awwws. Via doihavetosignup/Reddit

Whether their dynamic is more like a mother and son, or just two super tight pals, it’s undeniable that these two love each other endlessly.

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