Cat Refuses To Leave Candy Shelf Of Local Shop

A cat strolled into a neighborhood store in South London and plopped down on a candy shelf.

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Surrounded by all things wonderful. Via Jenny Stevens/Twitter
Surrounded by all things wonderful. Via Jenny Stevens/Twitter

If ever we could relate to the sometimes strange and surprising intentions of a cat, this is it.

A neighborhood cat strolled into a Sainbury’s Local store in Brockley, South London, and plunked right down on a shelf in the candy aisle — refusing to leave,  The Huffington Post UK reports.

Managing Editor of VICE UK, Jenny Stevens, captured this spectacular incident on Twitter:

The loitering feline returned to the same spot on the shelf right after security removed the cat from the store. Twitter user Harriet Langford responded to Jenny Stevens on Twitter with this video of the cat wandering around the shop.

A local resident speculated that the cat (named “Mr. Tinkles”) could possibly be missing an old cat frenemy (named “Softface”) who recently moved away.

“Perhaps his life is meaningless without his arch nemesis, or perhaps they loved each other dearly and he misses their fierce role playing games,” Alice Sanders told HuffPo UK. “Clearly Mr Tinkles is staging a protest against Softface’s absence in Sainsbury’s. He’s in the bargaining stage of grief.”

Whatever the real story is here, we totally support Mr. Tinkles’ desire to camp out in the candy aisle.

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