You’ve Never Had As Much Fun As This Cat Has In A Ball Pit

Watching Boomer the cat play in a ball pit makes us wish we were a kid again.

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"Don't mind if I do."

Close your eyes, and imagine your favorite place in the world.

Is it surrounded by plastic balls in a cardboard box? Probably not for you, but it certainly is for a cat named Boomer. In a video uploaded to YouTube by CATMANTOO, Boomer the cat basks in the glory of a homemade ball pit created by his owner.

Via YouTube


Maybe Boomer is just easily amused.

Via YouTube

“Oh you wanna get nuts? LET’S GET NUTS.” Via CATMANTOO/YouTube

Or maybe Boomer could teach a master class on how to have fun.

Via YouTube

“Heaven is a cardboard box full of balls.” Via CATMANTOO/YouTube

Either way, Boomer in a ball pit is exactly what we all need right now.

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  • Cute video, but it bothers me that here’s a cat that was purchased from Catwalk Bengals in Australia. Owner Robert Dollwet tells people to adopt not shop and yet did exact just that when he bought Boomer. Shame.

    T Man January 6, 2016 5:26 pm Reply

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