Clingy Cat Never Leaves Her Owner’s Side

This cat cannot bear to be away from her owner, not even for a minute. It's all kinds of adorable.

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Even when it comes to boring chores, this cat is eager to help. Via NeonBlossom/Reddit
Even when it comes to boring chores, this cat is eager to help. Via NeonBlossom/Reddit

Cats have developed a reputation of being indifferent toward their owners and incredibly independent creatures. It’s a stereotype that might apply to some, but certainly not all cats.

And it definitely doesn’t apply to one cat in particular, whose owner provided proof of her cat’s extreme clinginess on Reddit. The thread includes a series of photos in which her cat is as close to her as can be, in basically every situation from reading a book to doing laundry.

This cat cannot get enough of her owner, and her owner doesn’t seem to mind it one bit.

Here are all the times this cat and her owner are completely inseparable.

1. Watching TV

“Oh, I like this show. Let’s watch it every week!”

2. Eating Dinner

“So, what are we having tonight?”

3. Folding Laundry

“I know it all needs to be folded and put away, but can I lay in the warm pile just for like… 5 minutes??”

4. During Naptime

“When I’m sleeping, you should be sleeping too, just FYI.”

5. Drinking Coffee

“Ooh, is that French vanilla creamer?”

6. Putting On Makeup

“Girls’ Night Out, yay! Where we going?”

7. Reading A Book

“Um, I’m not finished reading this page yet. Please don’t rush me.”

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  • Such a beautiful and sweet spirited cat. i just love the peace and contentment the pictures depict. i am the proud mother of a few, not many, just a few, beautiful cats myself. we spend day in, day out with each other every day. there are a couple that are known to venture off the porch on those occasions they chose to go outside. Normally they all walk me to the door and sit around the door waiting on me to come back in. some people think they don’t care that much for people even after you’ve loved and cared for them all their lives. but that’s far from the truth. They are quite loving and very loyal. we all sleep together at night. some in the bed, some over the bed, some in the chair and some are any place they can fit. but we are always in the same room. I love the way they love to be in your lap or hanging off the side of my leg or trying to kiss me with that sand paper tounge. I love the way when i’m busy and they force all your attention back on to them. Or the times everybody needs me to rub and show love at the same time. It’s not a chore but it’s sure an adventure.And i just love the way everybody looks out for everybody. i don’t tend to pay a lot of attention to outside stuff much when i am in my zone reading or on the computer or just doing my me things. But boy they do. you can tell everything around you just noticing their behavior. And when someone is coming to my home you should see the way they get focused and their eyes and ears get to receiving and storing information. i just love it. Al of my life i have had a cat. and the best part is that the cats i live with now are members to the same family of cats we had during my childhood .I love my babies and my babies love me.

    Maryetta Shabazz March 1, 2016 12:59 pm Reply
  • Such a pretty dilute calico! My tortie isn’t quite as clingy. At 11 1/2 she is diabetic and doing well on her insulin—back to kittenish chasing of whatever appeals, lying in the sun, on laps, begging for treats—cat behaviors. Is that a box? Hers, of course.

    susan March 2, 2016 1:12 pm Reply

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