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How To Tame Your Cockatiel Earn the trust of your cockatiel bird with these tips.
What To Do When Cockatiels Fight Follow these pet bird tips when your cockatiels start to bicker and fight during the breeding season.
Can’t All Cockatiels Get Along? When trying to get your cockatiels to accept a new bird, use a neutral territory away from the cages, and monitor their behavior.
Understand Your Nippy Cockatiel Learn the reasons why your cockatiel might be biting or nipping
Weird Cockatiel Behavior Check out these normal cockatiel behaviors that seem weird.
Bond With Your Pet Cockatiels When you have a bonded pair of cockatiels, work with both birds separately to tame them.
Cockatiel Night Frights Find out the causes of cockatiel night frights and what you can do to help a cockatiel that has night frights.
Can Cockatiels Sense Earthquakes? If your cockatiel has a night fright, it might be because of an earthquake. Follow these tips to help prevent night frights.
Small Bird Behavior – Tone Down Cockatiel Hormones Hormones might be to blame for your cockatiel’s bad behavior, so follow these tips to calm down your pet cockatiel.
Loud Cockatiel Sounds If your cockatiels are very loud, look at her environment to see what could be the cause.