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Conure Bird Species
Playful, fun-loving, bold and inquisitive are all traits that describe a conure, but one word is true for them all: loud! Native to South America, conures come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on the conure, they range from an average of 9 to 21 inches long and have a life span of 20 to 30 years. Because of their small size, conures make great family pets. They are highly attractive birds that come in a multitude of colors, with a spunky, outgoing personality to match. Conures can be taught to perform tricks and are known for talking, but they often express themselves vocally with high-pitched screeches and other calls.

Conures have very busy beaks and will make sure any toy knots are undone by the day’s end. A well-socialized conure looks forward to spending time with the family. They can be very cuddly, and don’t be surprised if yours climbs in your shirt, poking its head out of the collar! Conures are also very rhythmic birds, and will typically sway back and forth, to show excitement or to copy your movements. Many owners channel their conures’ love for play into trick training, teaching them to dunk a ball or even ride a prop scooter.

One thing you’ll want to work with early on in your relationship is the conure’s loud screech. Teach your conure independent play (stock up on toys) and don’t reward its screech by answering it. Schedule daily play sessions with your conure, and it will reward you with less ear-piercing contact calls. Popular conure species include the sun conure, the jenday conure, the green-cheeked conure, maroon-bellied conure, the peach-fronted conure, the blue-crowned conure and the nanday conure.

Conures make an excellent pet, if you’re ready to deal with the noise level!

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