Dog Climbs Down Ladder Like A Human As If It’s NBD

This clever canine has figured out how to climb down a ladder backwards like a person. Mind = blown.

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Dogs are JUST LIKE US, apparently.

Dogs seem to be getting smarter by the minute. Soon, they might just take over the world. Or perhaps be second-in-command to the cats.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Telly, a dog figures out how to climb down a ladder like a human. The dog moves fairly quickly, yet cautiously, going backwards down the ladder, one paw at a time.

Right paw, left paw. Right paw, left paw. Via YouTube

Right paw, left paw. Right paw, left paw. Via Telly/YouTube

As a dog owner, I would’ve been terrified watching my dog attempt this, but that’s because he’s a tiny, spazzy Spaniel mix who tends to trip standing still. And as we can see, this dog is impressively graceful and coordinated.

"Umm, I think I've earned a cookie or two." Via YouTube

“Umm, I think I’ve earned a treat or two.” Via Telly/YouTube

The real question is: What ELSE can this brilliant dog do?

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