Dog Plays By Rules, Won’t Go Through Screen Door Even When Screen Gone

It takes a lot for Sophie the dog to go against the grain.

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To boldly go? NO.
To boldly go? NO.

Sophie is a black dog who follows orders. Unless those orders go against the house rules. Then Sophie faces a conundrum.

A video on Rumble uploaded by NCBuckeye shows how the dog struggles with an obedience logic puzzle as she stands on one side of a screen door without the screen while her owner calls her. There is a real struggle behind Sophie’s wags.

“C’mon Sophie! C’mon in,” a voice beckons off-screen. Sophie stays put. When the owner pets her through the door Sophie understands something’s different but still won’t break the rules.

"Cannot... walk through... screen door..."  Via NCBUckeye/Rumble

“Cannot… walk through… screen door…” Via NCBUckeye/Rumble

“Oh come on… I’ve got a treat for you. Wanna cookie?” How could she refuse? Of course she shows interest.

*shakes head.*  Via NCBUckeye/Rumble

*shakes head.* Via NCBUckeye/Rumble

“You do want a cookie? Well come inside!”

Right at the point where this almost seems like torture for the obedient dog, Sophie gives in and crosses the threshold. We applaud this dog’s devotion.

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  • He starts the video by mocking his dog. He is purposely torturing her for no reason. He is a friggin jerk and should spend time loving his dog and not mocking her! Creep!

    Jackie November 7, 2016 3:49 pm Reply

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