Dog Learns To Say ‘Mama’ Before Baby

When it comes to speaking English, this dog is learning faster than a human baby!

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This dog will literally do anything for a bite of human food.

The English language can be tricky for some, but one dog is quickly getting the hang of it.

In a video uploaded to YouTube this week, a dog and a baby are next to each other in front of Mom. Mom is encouraging the baby to say, “Mama.” When the word is uttered, it’s just as amazing as you’d expect, but mainly because the word is coming from the dog’s mouth as opposed to the baby’s.

"Mama" in dog language means, "treat, please." Via YouTube

“Mama” in dog language means, “treat, please.”

It seems like it’s a bark that morphed into what sounds like “Mama” because as the dog is saying the word, there’s also a hunk of human food hanging off of a fork in front of his face.

Maybe for a bone the dog will become the baby’s tutor? One can only hope.

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