Dog Walker Magically Gets Dog Pack To Pose For Pictures

A dog walker, who clearly has magical powers, was somehow able to get his charges to sit still for several stellar photos.

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What sorcery is this?! Via seanlee2013/Imgur
What sorcery is this?! Via seanlee2013/Imgur

Even the most well-behaved dogs have trouble posing for pictures. It’s probably because they don’t understand the value of selfies, naturally lit settings and showcasing your best self to create a successful Internet presence. Get with it, pups!

But somehow, by a stroke of incredible luck, masterful dog training skills or perhaps a nearby bucket of treats, a dog walker was able to assemble his pack of clients and get them to behave for a series of brilliant photos. The photos were then shared on Imgur by seanlee2013, who is a human client of the dog walker.

The caption reads: “Our dog walker takes some pretty cool pictures of his ‘pack’ throughout the day.”

Here’s the stunning proof that this dog walker is basically a wizard.

1. Goin’ For A Ride

Via seanlee2013/Imgur

Where are we going? Via seanlee2013/Imgur

So even though these dogs seem to have arrived at a park — every dog’s favorite place in the world — or even just at home, they sit still for a photo before piling out of the car. What the WHAT?

2. Watching The Waves Crash

Via seanlee2013/Imgur

There’s nothing like the beauty of the ocean. Via seanlee2013/Imgur

Amazingly, they all ignore the urge to chase the tide and dig in the sand — all for a primo photo op. Seriously though… HOW?

3. Sitting Still And Sitting Pretty

Via seanlee2013/Imgur

“When do we get our treats?” Via seanlee2013/Imgur

How many treats does it take to make nine dogs look at the camera at the same time? We’ll never know.

4. Enjoying The Beauty Of Nature

Via seanlee2013/Imgur

“How long do we have to sit here?” Via seanlee2013/Imgur

Zero attempts to chase the nearby squirrels. REALLY?!

5. Guarding The Castle

What sorcery is this?! Via seanlee2013/Imgur

How are these dogs sitting still for these pics? Via seanlee2013/Imgur

They don’t look particularly threatening, but their stillness should not be underestimated.

6. Protecting The Flowery Fortress

Via seanlee2013/Imgur

“Are we done yet?” Via seanlee2013/Imgur

Notice that their leashes aren’t restraining or controlling them. The wizard behind the camera is.

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