Don’t Eat That!

The 12 most dangerous things your cat should never consume.

The 12 most dangerous things your cat should never consume.

Whether you have a new kitten or a full-grown cat, you’ll want to keep it healthy and safe.  Even if your cat lives indoors, there are many hazards you need to be aware of. Keep your cat away from these top twelve dangers:

Sweet but Deadly
Cats that live both indoors and outdoors – and those that sneak into the garage – are in danger of ingesting antifreeze. Ethylene glycol, the chemical in antifreeze, has a sweet taste that is attractive to animals. It is the most dangerous thing your cat could eat, as it almost always is fatal. As little as 1 teaspoon is considered a fatal dose, because it irreversibly damages the kidneys if aggressive treatment isn’t started within six hours of consumption. Always dispose of antifreeze properly, immediately wipe up any spills and take your car to the repair shop at the first sign of a coolant leak. The ASPCA recommends switching to an antifreeze that contains the less toxic propylene glycol.

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