Freshwater Aquarium Setups and Care Page 2

Planning your aquarium is the most important aspect of fishkeeping. Going slow and being methodical is ideal, because rushing can get you into trouble fast. Read a variety of essential tips here on how to properly setup your freshwater tank and how to care for your aquarium inhabitants.


Outdoor Aquariums
Is a heater necessary for an outdoor fish aquarium in an area with consistent temperatures?

Red-Tailed Catfish in Home Aquariums
Can red-tailed catfish be kept in home aquariums?

Starting a New Fish Aquarium
What is the best way to start a new fish aquarium?

UV Sterilizers and Freshwater Discus Aquariums
Is a UV sterilizer necessary to keep my freshwater discus aquarium healthy?

Time To Upgrade Your Aquarium Lights?
LED Lights and Environmental Impact

Fish Fungus and Scale Problems
Fungal infections are often the result of other diseases caused by poor water quality.

Aquarium Water Chemistry for Goldfish
In many ways, the goldfish is the perfect aquatic pet.

Determining Goldfish Growth
The rate of growth is determined by the aquatic environment.

Finding Fancy Goldfish
How do you find fancy goldfish, the ones at the fish store aren’t the same.

Canister Filters
How they work and what to look for.