Freshwater Fish Breeding Articles

Breeding fish is an enjoyable aspect of the fishkeeping hobby. Read up on some of the latest fish breeding techniques.


Breeding the Goddess Killifish
Breeding tips and tank requirements for Aphyosemion hera.

Breeding Least Killifish
Heterandria formosa is one of the tiniest fish, with females reaching just one inch in length.

Breeding Dwarf Seahorses
Expert tips on propagating the CITES listed Hippocampus zosterae.

Breeding The Eyespot Betta
Despite its reputation, the eye-spot betta is not difficult to breed.

Keeping And Breeding Dwarf Freshwater Shrimp
Your mission is to achieve and maintain a healthy shrimp colony through successful breeding.

Encouraging Customers to Breed Fish
The single best way to “hook” someone on our wonderful fishkeeping hobby is to have their fish breed.

Betta edithae
Breeding the Betta edithae.

The Black Marble Hoplo: Megalechis thoracata
Breeding the black marble hoplo.

The Bushy Nose Pleco (Ancistrus sp.)
Breeding the bushy nose pleco.

Aggressive Texas Cichlid
How can I stop my male Texas cichlid from being aggressive towards my female cichlid?