Freshwater Invertebrate Articles

Keeping And Breeding Dwarf Freshwater Shrimp
Your mission is to achieve and maintain a healthy shrimp colony through successful breeding.

Loaches and Snails
Are there any snails I can keep with loaches?

Aquarium Snails-What to Keep and What to Avoid
While some snails can do damage in your aquarium, others are lovely to keep.

Keeping Crayfish
You can keep crayfish in a community aquarium if you choose appropriate tankmates.

Ghost Shrimp Aquarium Care
Bonus content from the July 2009 AFI magazine column Freshwater Q&A.

Shrimp Winners from the 2012 Pet, Garden and Hobby Fair in Hanover Germany
A variety of beautiful shrimp from around the world were entered in this year’s competition.

Aquatic Snails
Aquatic snails are adaptable opportunists, and getting rid of them can be difficult.

Freshwater Aquarium Crayfish
This guide provides tips for keeping eight attractive freshwater crayfish species.

Freshwater Clam Problems
The aquarium store called it a “shark tooth clam.” I was wondering if I could place it in my freshwater 20-gallon tank.

Freshwater Shrimp
Freshwater shrimp may be the next big thing in our aquariums.