Freshwater Tank Condition Articles

Your tank’s water condition is the single most important factor in keeping fish. Learn tips on ensuring the water remains pristine.


Using System Saver II Salt in your Freshwater Tank
Water softening product from the little girl with the umbrella can work wonders.

Oscars: Aquarium Size and Filters
What size aquarium and what type of filters work best for messy oscars?

Sick Black Molly
A sick black molly and an overstocked aquarium.

Performing a Winter Cool Down in Your Fish Tank
Many types of cold water fish will benefit and breed better, as well as show better colors, with a cool down period.

Invasive Aquatic Species
Learn about several invasive aquatic species, and find out how goldfish, livebearers, hydrilla, trumpet snails and lionfish were introduced.

Invasive, Exotic, Nonnative Species
Several terms are thrown around that are similar to, invasive species,” and are sometimes used interchangeably. The most common of these are “exotic species” and “nonnative species.”

Jellyfish in Freshwater
Are there any species of jellyfish that could live in freshwater tanks?

Aquarium Snails-What to Keep and What to Avoid
While some snails can do damage in your aquarium, others are lovely to keep.

Dealing With Dropsy
Keep your fish from falling victim to dropsy.

Lymphocystis Disease in Your Pond Fish
Lymphocystis disease is not an attractive condition in pond fish, but it’s also not fatal.