Golden Retriever Puppies Go For First Swim

You've never seen a swim lesson this adorable.

You've never seen a swim lesson this adorable.

I wish I lived near a pool filled with puppies. I’d be much more likely to take up swimming as a hobby.

These sweet little balls of love are getting their feet wet as they hit the pool for the first time.   

What I love about this video is how you can already see their little puppy personalities shining through. Some dive right in others are a little more hesitant and not really sure what to make of this wet and wild experience. One of the pups takes to the water like a pro, dog paddling like he is born to do it (which he is.) 

But whether they become expert swimmers or not, I think we can all agree they are just too cute for words! And it looks like everyone had a fun time! 

Want to introduce your pup to the water? 

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