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Most pet Greyhounds are rescued ex-racers with special environmental needs, little social experience and, as a result, specific training requirements. Though a Greyhound will happily spend long hours lounging on a comfy sofa, these dogs were bred to run – full tilt and straight ahead. In addition, when stressed, a Greyhound’s flight impulse is strong, and if unable to escape, a frightened Grey may freeze and flash its teeth in self-defense. With sensible management and positive training, these sensitive Greyhounds can learn to relax, trust others and behave calmly and sociably. – September B. Morn, a professional dog trainer (from Popular Dogs: Greyhounds)

Greyhounds, perhaps because they have such a light coat, chill easily. So [after a bath], with a fluffy towel, give your pooch a good rub-down. This helps massage the skin and stimulate the oil glands. Put a fresh blanket in [your Greyhound’s] bed after a bath so he can roll around on it and then snuggle under. – Diana Mohler, a former grooming shop owner (from Popular Dogs: Greyhounds

Let me sing the praises of Greyhounds. There are so many things I like about them that it’s hard to label one quality as the most important. I love their personalities. They combine high intelligence and courage with a sweet, loving nature and calmness. As artists have for hundreds of years, I love Greyhounds’ graceful, ballet dancer’s bodies, covered with flexible, thin skin and silken, soft fur. I am thrilled with their joy in their own running abilities. Greyhounds love to run, and I love to watch them run. – Patricia Gail Burnham, Greyhound breeder (from Popular Dogs: Greyhounds)

Osteosarcomas, or bone cancer, is by far the most common tumor in the Greyhound breed. The tumor occurs in the carpus, or wrist, of the dog; is malignant; and develops rapidly, often spreading through the bloodstream to the lungs. Clinical signs consist of amputation of sudden limping, swelling or deformity in the affected area Diagnosis is made via radiographs (X-rays) and biopsy. – C. Guillermo Couto, D.V.M., professor and head of Oncology and Hematology Services at the Ohio State University College of Veterinary medicine (from Popular Dogs: Greyhounds)

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